alvd - A Lightweight Vald 

    License: Apache 2.0 release Docker Pulls

    A lightweight distributed vector search engine based on Vald codebase.

    • works without Kubernetes
    • single binary (less than 30MB)
    • easy to run (can be configured by command-line options)
    • consists of Agent and Server
      • alvd has almost same features that Vald's gateway-lb + discoverer and agent-ngt have.

    alvd is highly inspired by k3s project.


    Same as Vald, alvd is distributed under Apache 2.0 license. (Partially distributed under Mozilla Public License 2.0)

    alvd depends on Vald codebase, the files came from Vald (such as internal, pkg/vald. They are downloaded when running make command.) are excluded from my license and ownership.

    This is not an official project of Vald. This project is an artifact of 20% project of Vald team.